A Word from Tray & Team

At Vertical Aerospace we are passionate about aviation and are fortunate to work every day in the industry we cherish. We work hard to build our company and generate solutions for our customers.    We are committed to the long–term development of our industry, our company, and the region in which we live. We believe strongly in our core values, and most importantly, in treating our employees, customers, and suppliers with respect and fairness in every interaction.

I pledge to lead Vertical Aerospace with pride and enthusiasm toward future growth and investment in our products and service offerings. We continually anticipate the future needs of the industry, and those requirements of our customers.   We will enthusiastically assess opportunities to make our customers successful. Our employees and I lead by an entrepreneurial spirit that helps us to continually assess risk and reward and discover when opportunities will lead to success. We will create and encourage a culture that is inviting and an environment in which it is easy to do business.

There is no place we would rather be than in the aviation field. We are grateful to everyone who is a part of our continued success and we are excited about what is to come for Vertical Aerospace and our many partners.  Thank you. 


 Tray Siegfried, CEO & Owner