Facility and Equipment

Vertical Aerospace’s 226,000-square-foot facility, based in Bristow, Oklahoma, provides a wide range of services to our global partners in the aerospace industry. Our state-of-the-art MRO equipment enables Vertical to provide high-level component repairs to meet our customers’ MRO needs efficiently.We are FAA, EASA and AS9100 approved.

At Vertical Aerospace, a summary of our facility and equipment includes:

  • Material Requirement Planning (MRP) Software/Hardware (Quantum):
    • This computer system is the hub of our business and drives capacity, capabilities, lead time, supply chain demand, scheduling, labor plans, as well as repeatability and accountability. The range of reports generated from our MRP software package also provides valuable metrics upon which we base our business goals and objectives.
  • Autoclave & Clean Room:
    • Vertical’s autoclave (10’ x 32’) is capable of achieving high temperatures, pressure and vacuum.This autoclaves is used to achieve bonding requirements for both manufacturing and repair/overhaul applications.Vertical’s clean room for composite lay-up is a separate, independent area from the MRO process, providing a contamination-free area.
    • Our bonding process complies with BAC5514 and BAC5317 requirements.
  • Phosphoric Acid Anodize (PAA) & Clean Line:
    • Vertical Aerospace’s PAA Line is a critical process in ensuring proper bonding and is the preferred method for structural bonding of aluminum alloys. 
    • Our clean line features 8 x 14-foot tanks that use the PAA etch process to ensure a proper bond surface is achieved prior to bond primer application.
    • Our Processes comply with BAC5555 and BAC5514 requirements.
  • Support Services:
    • Our bond prime booth adheres a required thickness of primer, such as BR127, BR6747 or HT424, to allow proper adhesion between the core and metal skins, as well as doublers.

To further support our MRO capabilities, Vertical also utilizes the following:

  • NDT Level II Testing
  • Heat Treat
  • CATIA Design Software
  • Welding Equipment
  • Laser Trackers
  • Ovens