Looking for a dynamic, high-energy workplace dedicated to being the easiest company in the aerospace industry with which to do business? Vertical Aerospace is continually seeking skilled workers who are driven to perform at the highest level and rely on the company’s core values to achieve success.

Please submit completed application to HR@GoVerticalAero.com.

For all employment inquiries, please contact:
Jayne Elias
Human Resource Manager
Office: 918.561.5573
Fax: 918.367.5582


Please see below for a list of the vacancies at Vertical Aerospace.


  • Quality Inspector

-Inspect incoming purchased parts, articles, materials, and documentation to requirements of technical data and purchase orders.


-Inspect all fabricated and repaired details against technical data and instructions.


-Determine method of inspection and set up requirements. Work from blueprints and other specifications and standards. Maintain results and prepare QA forms.


-Utilize inspection tools to ensure parts and documentation comply with purchase order, methods documents, and engineering specifications. 


-Document discrepancies and coordinate resolution with assigned area of Production, Methods, Engineering, and/or Material Review Board (MRB) as appropriate. 


- Ensure all inspection documentation and production work instructions are complete and comply with quality system and engineering specifications.



  • Evaluator

-Advanced technical skills and knowledge in the performance of inspection and evaluation of incoming aero structure parts, components and subsystems of operational aircraft for overhaul and/or repair through interpretation of original equipment manufacturer technical data and Company technical data to ensure compliance to FAA regulations and customer requirements.

-Provides complete evaluation of and defines the processes for reconditioning, repair or replacement of aero structure parts, components and subsystems of operational aircraft that are varied but generally not complex of products and processes requiring some skill and experience.

-Identifies incoming items and determine their overall condition. Determines the proper inspection criteria and obtains the appropriate technical data to determine the inspection points and processes required to completely evaluate the item for repair.

-Determines the condition of the item and the extent of the wear or damage. Determines the manufacturing and repair processes required to bring the item to FAA airworthiness standards.

·         Chief Inspector

To provide direct supervision of inspectors and performance of assigned inspection duties as delegated by the Director of Quality Assurance

- Assign duties, responsibilities, and tasks to other inspectors in assigned areas

- Supervise and/or conduct internal audits

- Supervise and/or maintain the Calibration Program

- Supervise and/or conduct final inspections and air-worthiness determinations

- Supervise and/or conduct in-process inspection

- Supervise and/or maintain the Shelf Life Program

- Supervise and/or conduct receiving inspection functions